A Distinctive Dyehouse Characterized<br>by Continuous Evolution &Maintenance of Japanese Traditions

A Distinctive Dyehouse Characterized
by Continuous Evolution
&Maintenance of Japanese Traditions

KYOYA somemonoten Inc. (KYOYA the dyehouse) is a dyehouse with a history of 100 years, located in Ichinoseki-City, a historic castle town of Japan.

KYOYA somemonoten is also one of the very few dyehouse in Japan providing a one-stop-shop service that encompasses design, dyeing and sewing.

Our desire is to make customers’ wishes come true, and to that end, we continue to explore and work on a wide variety of techniques and dyes ranging from traditional ones to latest inventions and trends.

Our History

Our Origins

The origin of KYOYA somemonoten goes back to 1918, when in the historic castle town of Ichinoseki-City our dyehouse specialized in design, dyeing and sewing of costumes for traditional Japanese festivals.

To this day, the Japanese culture and traditional dyeing techniques are at the heart of all products of KYOYA somemonoten.

The Words « No » and « Impossible » Don’t Exist in Our Dictionary.

The Words « No » and « Impossible »
Don’t Exist in Our Dictionary.

Our customers never hear us say, «This is the only dyeing technique available here» or «This is all that can be done.»
As our long-standing policy since company foundation, we never say «No» to our customers.

Happy smiles on our customers’ faces when they see their wishes come true – That’s what we want to see,
and this is what keeps us coming up with ideas and searching for solutions to bring customer visions into shape.

Textile Dyeing: Our Way of Passing on the<br>Japanese Culture & Creating New Possibilities

Textile Dyeing: Our Way of Passing on the Japanese Culture & Creating New Possibilities

KYOYA somemonoten is a dyehouse with strong passion for new challenges.
We are in a constant search for and study of new dyeing methods that can bring customers’ envisioned products into reality.

In addition to taking on new challenges, we believe that it is also our mission to pass on to future generations
the «traditions» that we ourselves have inherited since company foundation.
However, we do not define “tradition” as strict succession of «ways that should be because they’ve always been that way»
which ignores the times we live in, changes in customer preferences over
On the contrary, we believe that it is our duty to challenge new technologies and create
new «traditions» on top of the ones we’ve inherited. To us, this is the true meaning of passing traditions on to future generations.

KYOYA somemonoten aims for constantly creating new «traditions» and for becoming the world’s top dyehouse, by never stopping to challenge.