Rich Design Sense & Skills,
Coupled with Versatile Dyeing Techniques

The dyeing methods of KYOYA somemonoten Inc. (KYOYA the dyehouse) are very diverse,
making our dyehouse one-of-a-kind and very rare in all of Japan.

The diversity of our techniques is what makes it possible for us to propose to customers the optimal dyeing method to realize their envisioned products.
This is also seen in our commitment to carefully listen to and understand customer requests and preferences on the purpose of
their envisioned products, colors, hues, designs and product usage, etc.

Each and every product of ours is made by our skilled craftsmen applying the optimal dyeing technique to meet each customer request
on product use and preferences.

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Dyeing Techniques

“Tenassen” Dyeing

One dye at a time, the dye is imprinted on fabric with a spatula, depending on fabric and pattern forms.

This technique is suited for mass production,
and is capable of reproducing complex designs.

“Tenassen” Dyeing“Tenassen” Dyeing

“Hikizome” Dyeing

Dyestuff is applied onto fabric with a brush,
one point of the fabric at a time; A highly advanced technique that requires skillsets and sensitivity of craftsmen.

«Hikizome Dyeing» is capable of creating delicate effects such as blur and depth.

“Hikizome” Dyeing“Hikizome” Dyeing

“Aizome Indigo” Dyeing

A dyeing technique that uses a blue pigment called “indigo”.
This is a traditional technique, familiar to Japanese people since ancient times.

It is also characterized by the fact that the charm and uniqueness of the texture, color and hues increase with every use of the product dyed with this technique.

“Aizome Indigo” Dyeing“Aizome Indigo” Dyeing

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Pattern-Making & Sewing

Utmost Care for Beauty Even in Invisible Places
image Sewingimage Sewing

At KYOYA somemonoten, even with products of large volume, we cut each and every piece of fabric with scissors.
This is because rich cutting by the millimeter is precisely what crafts
finishes that are beautiful beyond expression.

image Sewingimage Sewing

In the sewing phase, our experienced craftsmen skilled in a wide variety oftechniques ranging from the use of sewing machines to hand-stitch sewing apply the best technique for each customer request.

With a policy of «Utmost care for beauty even in invisible places,» day to day,we search for and study ways to craft finishes that are more durable and also more beautiful.